Coming Events

Tuesday, June 19
Board of Directors Mtg.
7:00 p.m.
Oakhurst Grille

Saturday, June 23 &
Sunday, June 24
Atlanta Pride

Sunday, July 22
Whitewater Rafting
Ocoee River, Tennessee
11:00 a.m. start time

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We are proud to support this year's GGRA charities, PALS Atlanta and the Grady IDP Pediatric Clinic

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Meet the 2007 Board of Directors

President: Barbara Bugg

Barbara Joined SEGRA in 1998 as a competitor. She was Secretary for a short time in 1998/99 and was President 1999, 2000 and 2001. She’s been Trustee for a year, Vice President, and was Rodeo Director four rodeos. She’s chaired numerous committees and won several IGRA awards.

Vice President: Susan Blalock

Susan joined SEGRA in 1993, competed in her first rodeo in 1994 and was invited to her first finals in 1999. During her years of competing she has won numerous ribbons and buckles, has competed in rough stock, camp and horse events, and has a wonderful knowledge of rodeo and IGRA. Susan has been committee chair of numerous committees over the years and she won of the title of MS. SEGRA in 1994 and ‘95.Susan also served as Trustee in 2000.

Secretary: Mary Elliot

Mary was a charter member of SEGRA so she has many stories to tell. She doesn’t compete but she did break her pelvis doing her horse tape for the Ms. SEGRA competition! Mary won the Ms. SEGRA competition and served several years with the royalty team as Ms. SEGRA. Besides chairing numerous committees, Mary was Vice President in 1993, ‘94 and ‘95 and then was President in’96.

Treasurer: Drew Smith

Drew joined SEGRA in 2000 and within a few short months became Treasurer. He served as Treasurer in 2001, ’02, ’05, and ’06. For those of you who aren’t aware, Drew  spent countless hours organizing our finances so we could file for 501C3 status with the IRS. Last year after numerous appeals and rewrites of our application, we were granted 501(c)(3) status. Hats off to Drew for his dedication, energy and countless hours given to make this happen. Drew also was editor of our newsletter for five years, did all our advertisements, posters, flyers, was cowboy cover boy for David magazine, and is a rodeo competitor.


Member at Large: Rick Ledoux

Rick joined GGRA in 2005. He stepped right in as a volunteer and was amazing. Rodeo came and Rick was a whirl of activity. He worked most of the weekend at the water station for contestants. He carried cases of water and ice throughout the first day of rodeo and when we ran out of our donated water, Rick was at the store making sure we had enough water. My guess is he personally donated at least 20 cases of water. Rick served the board in 2006 as member at Large and was at every event we sponsored. We have also discovered that Rick is quite the Cajun cook!

Rodeo Director: Jack Hamilton

Jack joined SEGRA in 1998 when SEGRA was struggling to stay alive. He immediately got involved and volunteered his farm for an outdoor Play Day. He hosted two play days, numerous meetings and Pride float building at the farm. Jack was an active member of the sponsorship committee in 2000 and 2001 and coordinated the Pride booth in 2001. Jack has chaired numerous committees, traveled to quit a number of rodeos to promote our association and became President of SEGRA in 2001. Jack served as interim Secretary on the board in 2006. 

Trustee: Don Harris

Don Joined GGRA in 2004 and immediately joined rodeo roundtable. It wasn’t long before Don took over as web master and what a great job he’s done. We won first runner up for the IGRA web award in 2005 and won first place in 2006. Don did the bi-fold, rodeo program, rodeo poster and T shirt for the 2004 and 2005 rodeo along with designing ads, etc. Don was elected Trustee in 2006 and has two more years to serve as Trustee. He has been on numerous committees, is an active volunteer and competes.    



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