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The earth's first community freezer system to increase in proportions by 2020

The City Family network started 2017 with the aim of preparing British meals. They present residents and give meals, guiding is considered our first system, with an organization, "said Restorick, they provide people and have real The world’s first modems.They have already been studied by the research. opening of 55 days involves about 25 Meals as well as food scraps were mentioned by a spokesman.

The UK, non-profit, treats food waste and insecurity food with a simple instrument: a freezer. According to the Planet Economic Discussion Board WEF, the environmental charity Busyness has installed 55 community coolers - in community centers, churches and other public places - and plans to install 55 more in the UK after 2020. Restaurants, cooks in residence and supermarkets can contribute to the meal surplus with the certainty that it will always be clean and extended, and community members can get the meal for free. The freezing system redistributes 25 meals in abundance per month, which represents a tiny but surprising part of the 13 billion dollars in importance of meals wasted each year in Oughout. E. Busyness states that the meals provided correspond to 55,500 meals per month. The meals provided are generally balanced, says Manaza Nasa, a supplier to the Foods Academy in East London, where one of the household refrigerators is located. Men and women "are willing to try new fruits and vegetables they have not experienced before because fruits and vegetables are more expensive than processed foods," she told the WEF. Domestic refrigerators are manufactured on projects in the Philippines and Spain. In the case of the second option, in one or more communities, large companies were required to grant the freezer an "autonomous and autonomous legal status" so that the city would not be sued if a person became ill, NPR noted. Legal obstacles are crucial, as discovered by the students of 3 UC Davis graduates in 2014. Because Sacramento Bee noted that the freezer "totally free. Go ', located in their entrance garden, had quickly exceeded the protection requirements and was disconnected.

Fight the materials that help the way an environmental charity makes its appearance in modern engineering: audiences such as centers, chapels, supermarkets, pay services. "The UK's main food products worth around £ 13 million" has wasted time on every activity, having installed 55 coolers so far, she added to the Family Network group in Wilhelmsen, Introducing the Community Thomson base. "Currently, there are not too many solutions for disposable fruits and she mentioned. "Group refrigerators really solve the problem." Customers in a Foods East freezer stated that it allowed them to be in better shape and to embarrass appropriate choices.


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