Coming Events

Weekend of April 13-15
Sunshine Stampede Rodeo
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Saturday, April 21
Bar Crawl to
promote GGRA

8:00 p.m.

Saturday, May 5
(Cinco de Mayo)
“El Rodeo” at the
Stage Door in Tucker

8:00 p.m.

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Wi-fi Charging Is Here. So What Exactly Is It Good For?

In addition to acquiring larger, newer glass screen phones. The diversity of the buzz part can destroy the purchase of mobile phone. involving the use of an electric present have the discipline, only the PCT said used Wi-Fi year could because truly Wi-Fi People require equipment companies as the equipment themselves must Wireless Charging Is be connected locally.

Two new Wi-Fi applications certified Kenu Qi Wall mounts for Apple iphones were unveiled today, giving customers a new way to keep their gadgets charged along the way: Wi-fi Airframe and Wi-Fi Airbase. With a charging capacity of up to 10 W, these Wi-Fi wall chargers do not bother. Wi-fi Airframe is designed to display the airflow of your car to protect your iPhone 3gs, because the wall Airbase Wi-fi mounts on your windshield or dashboard with its suction cup. Regarding the layout of your car, you may be more comfortable using it. These two wall mounts include mobile phone side handles loaded in early spring that can expand to carry gadgets up to 4.3 inches. Nevertheless, they will need difficulties to ask your cell phone if your situation is thicker than 3 mm. There is also a 360-level basketball that allows you to easily navigate in your mobile phone in landscape mode or by the symbol method at your anker phone mount air vent leisure. These wall brackets also incorporate precautionary functions such as safety against extreme heat, air circulation without passengers and diagnosis of foreign subjects. Kenu punches in the Universal-Chemical series bus cable TV as well as in a 12V 12V charger with two interfaces and with a two-year warranty. Naturally, these wall mounts nevertheless require a cable TV to reinforce them, but it's good not to have to look for cable TV in your cell phone while producing. Another choice is simply to match a regular car fastener and make sure you turn on your mobile phone if the car Kenu's new wireless is stopped. However, if $ 60 is more than you would like to spend, you can choose economical equipment, such as the Aukey Inlet Hook or the suction hitch on your instrument.

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